The Way We See It


The arts are an essential part of creating a healthy community. With so many existing and emerging genres, mediums, and platforms finding an organic deep connection can be challenging.

The Way We See It...

Let's pool talents and resources together to make a bigger impact.

Let's invest in the artists that create daring performances, original music, and cutting edge exhibitions that change the way fine arts are perceived.



Young Arts Patrons (YAP) is a leading-edge, nonprofit organization dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel a creative and innovative arts community. Founded in 2015, Young Arts Patrons is a membership based non-profit designed to create a network of arts philanthropists and patrons under 40 through our programs and events that engage and educate.

With YAP the arts and the audience converge, bringing financial and social support that will ensure a vibrant future for the arts community. 

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Ready to take the next step? YAP proceeds support the arts and artists throughout the city of Memphis. You can become a contributor to our cause or participate yourself.

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