Young Arts Patrons creates inclusive experiences that balance creativity and social accountability.


Art classes

Art Class is where Memphians learn. Young Arts Patrons presents a regular educational program that transforms the Memphis community into one large learning campus by bringing short courses, workshops, lectures, and discussions out of the classroom and into a whole new environment. Art Class is led by not your average teacher on not your average subject matter and includes some of the most influential people in the arts community including artists, curators, musician, authors, scholars and other creatives. #YAPARTCLASS


Young Collectors contemporary

The first of its kind in the state, Young Collectors Contemporary includes an exhibition of some of the regions most prominent emerging artists. The YCC was launched as an innovative approach to connect emerging talent with beginning collectors.

The YCC has an inner forum with event organizers, artists, curators, and selected critics, committed to the advancement of  visual arts collections and to shaping the exhibition and its seismographic interpretation of current cultural and social developments. Spring Date March 10-12, 2016