Young Arts Patrons supports inclusive experiences that balance creativity and social accountability. 

Our collective giving works by,

  1. Cultivating emerging artists, early-stage innovative art projects, and organizations through the Art Seed Fund and Young Collectors Contemporary Art Fair
  2. Creating philanthropic initiatives that support art, culture, and creativity in the community through programming, partnerships, events, and special discounts/invitations.


Art Seed fund

The Art Seed Fund is a fund that supports early stage, high-impact arts related projects across Shelby County. The fund aims to focus on innovation in the arts and culture area for artists, creatives, and small to mid-size arts organizations. Young Arts Patrons developed the fund to focus on supporting the expansion and enrichment of the local arts ecosystem. 

Funds are distributed on a rolling basis based on monies from YAP related fundraisers, donations, and a portion of membership. YAP membership, secured by becoming a participating donor. Member donations are split between YAP operating/programming costs and the Art Seed Fund.

The Art Seed Fund will begin accepting proposals in Q4 2017, and will present initial approvals in 2018.

Young Collectors contemporary

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The first of its kind in the state, Young Collectors Contemporary includes an exhibition of some of the regions most prominent emerging artists. The YCC was launched as an innovative approach to connect emerging visual artists, collectors, and curators.

The YCC has an inner forum with event organizers, artists, curators, and selected critics, committed to the advancement of  visual arts collections and to shaping the exhibition and its seismographic interpretation of current cultural and social developments in contemproary visual art.The intimacy of art fair gatherings renders the experience unique and unforgettable.
2018  Dates are 23-25 March 2018, go to Young Colllectors website for more details.

YAP Pass Perks

The YAPPass are perks presented to YAP members that provides access to the participating arts ecosystem. YAP members receives over $200 in yearly saving related to special previews, ticket discounts, and private invitations from community partners.  YAPpass notifications are received via private member email list and is not a physical card at this time. 

In 2016, Young Arts Patrons has engaged with The Brooks Museum, IRIS Orchestra, Playhouse on the Square, Grace St. Luke's Theology Live, Germantown Performing Arts Center, Memphis Slimhouse, and Metal Museum.

YAP Weekly

YAP Weekly is a regular e-newsletter sent to YAP mailing lists related to events and opportunities in the Shelby County arts ecosystem. Members are automatically enrolled in the YAP Weekly.