Video Recap: Young Arts Patrons Presents Dear Artist

The Art Museum of the University of Memphis and Young Arts Patrons opened Dear Artist, an exhibition that highlighted the social and economic importance of celebrating and supporting artists throughout their careers. Dear Artist feature works by emerging and internationally known artists on loan from new and established local collectors as well as select museum collections.

The Opening Reception included a pane featuring collectors, Elliot Perry, Jasmin McKenzie, and Claire Brulatour. It was moderated by curator and Young Arts Patron Founder, Whitney Hardy.

Artists featured in the group show include (A-Z)

Lisa Alonso, Jarvis Boyland, Nakeya Brown, Burton Callicott, Carroll Cloar, Ronald and Jessie Cooper, Jennifer Crescuillo, LaAndrea Deloyce, William Eggleston, Howard Finster, Edwin Jeffrey, Jr., Titus Kaphar, Karen Lamassone, Joseph “Doughjoe” Love III, Terry Lynn, John Carl Marshall, Lawrence Matthews, Lester Merriweather, Carl Moore, Greely Myatt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andres Serrano, Jared Small, Kiki Smith, Katie Benjamin Steed, and Cathy Worthy.

Culture Made: Official Kid Maestro

a passionate man with extreme dedication to whatever he wants to accomplish. Right now, those things are being the best artist he can possibly be, Dragon Ball, and being 'The Tajin God'. 

KM DBZ1 Edit.jpg

What inspires you to be a creator?

First of all, it's just apart of who I am. I've loved making music and sounds since as long as I can remember. However, the two factors that put a battery on my back the most are other elite creatives and artists, and the idea of the artist I can become. From people like Kanye West, Bruce Lee, and Flying Lotus to people around me like IMAKEMADBEATS and Cameron Bethany, these high-level artists do what they do so well that it drives me to become just as great in my own lane. People like the ones I mentioned are known for pushing boundaries and I would like my name to be apart of that conversation. I've always had this vision of what that level of mastery of my craft looks like for me and I'm excited to reach that level and I look forward to the daily grind it takes to accomplish that. I hope that someone sees me one day accomplish those things and is inspired to become the best version of themselves as well.

What is your vision for the Memphis arts community?

I envision a community where most artists have to elevate themselves to a point where they attract people to Memphis internationally. I see a place where all artists are so much themselves that they inspire everyone else to do what they do just as good. I envision a place where healthy competition pushes the boundaries of what is expected from this place and I see the community constantly collaborating to make stellar works of art at an extremely high level. Overall, my vision for the Memphis arts community is that it is a community recognized nationally and internationally as a hotbed of diverse and extremely creative artists.