Our Mission

Young Arts Patrons elevates the role of the fine arts in modern society by constantly attracting new patrons and philanthropists through innovative programs and experiences so as to foster a more sustainable arts community.

Our Principles

Innovate> Imitate

Curate Cool

Embody Excellence

Create Wonder

About Us

Young Arts Patrons (YAP) is a leading-edge, nonprofit organization dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel a creative and innovative arts community. Founded in 2015, Young Arts Patrons is a membership based non-profit that serves as a gateway to the arts community for those under 40, reaching multi-cultural audiences through our programs and events that engage and educate.

With YAP the arts and the audience converge, bringing financial and social support that will ensure a vibrant future for the arts community. 

Our Theory of Change

The nonprofit arts support 3,898 full-time equivalent jobs and generate more than $15 million in local and state government revenue. The arts mean business – creating jobs and pumping money into our local economy.
— ArtsMemphis via 2012 Americans for the Arts' Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

The collective experience of Young Arts Patrons' founding team and the inclusion of some of the most creative thinkers and thought leaders suggests that by effectively executing our method of change it can have a greater resonance in the Memphis community to make it a more livable city. 

Our focus is simple:

  •  to support our arts community in the continuous development of creative talents; 
  • to foster an environment in which that talent can be identified, inspired, nurtured and celebrated.

In the community, we provide opportunities for  patrons (artists, arts institutions, and young patrons) to strategically contribute to arts advocacy and economic development.

We understand that the arts are a big factor into what makes a city more livable by being both a tourism attraction and a major employer. 

To sustain this, the organization focuses on:

Creatives and the art, music, social practice,etc they create are the key to the most diverse communities and crucial to defining a sense of place. Young Arts Patrons concentrates on human capital by creating relationships between artists and patrons for a more viable economic landscape. See our programs and projects page for details.
Arts Institutions are where Young Arts Patrons can be an asset to the marketing and development goals as to provide them with unique content, resulting in:
  • Real differentiated engagement with loyal new and existing followers
  • Focused reach to target discerning audience who can appreciate their products and services
  • Doing all that while patronizing the arts organization or institution

In 2016, Young Arts Patrons has engaged with The Brooks Museum, IRIS Orchestra, Playhouse on the Square, Grace St. Luke's Theology Live, Germantown Performing Arts Center, Memphis Slimhouse, and Metal Museum.